The International Centre for Graduate Education in micro & nano Engineering (ICGEE) is a national consortium of third level education institutions dedicated to developing a structured doctoral level training programme in micro- and nano-engineering, which includes international participation and collaboration. The goal of ICGEE is to develop the academic, administrative, and technical infrastructure required to provide a national graduate education programme that relies on resource sharing between the academic partner institutions and to deliver the ICGEE graduate training programme to the highest international standards.

Graduates of the programme will be able to not only participate but play a future leadership role in a diverse, globally engaged 21st century, albeit as future engineers & scientists or in a non-academic context.Our scholars receive technical training in the Design, Fabrication & Characterization of Electronic, Photonic and Electro-Mechanical Micro- and Nano-Systems.

In addition to the discipline specific training, scholars will also receive training in Transferable Commercialization and Entrepreneurship skills that will provide the added expertise to becoming future leaders. ICGEE is actively seeking new members or collaborators, both national and international to participate in the development of a National doctoral level training programme in micro- & nano engineering. Please contact us for more details on this and any other graduate activities or initiatives that are currently running on this website.

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 ICGEE is funded by: Irish Research Council